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For Sale

I'm selling off the last of my professional f/2.8 Nikon zoom lenses -- the superb 24-70mm. My new D7000 body shoots perfectly well at an outrageous ISO 6,400 -- which makes it silly to carry around a massive Wedding Portrait Mid-Range Zoom for chasing kids around the well-lit back yard. But any Nikon-sporting pro is gonna love this thing.

And it's a seller's market, all of a sudden. Nikon and Canon both still produce all their pro gear domestically, in Japan. And both plants were taken offline by the tsunami. Neither company has a clue when they'll restart their production lines.

There's another bit of weirdness to all this. I'm not replacing my midrange. Instead, I've dusted off and put back in my bag Nikon's very first consumer grade DX lens -- the f/3.5-4.5 18-70mm zoom. It came with the D70 kit Melissa bought me six years ago, and that rekindled my love for photography.

The first midrange zoom I ever owned might also be the last.

In the hyper-obsolscent digital age, that's something rare and just a little bit nostalgiac.