You Gotta Know When to Fold'em

Ooh, I wish I’d stumbled on this story before writing this afternoon’s half-column, but here’s the meat, even if it is a little late:

A senior member of al Qaida urged Libyan rebels to continue their fight against Muammar Gaddafi and warned of the consequences of defeat, in a videotaped message posted on Jihadi websites, the Qatar-based Gulf News reported on Sunday.

The message from Libya native, Abu Yahya al-Libi, marked the first time a top ranked al Qaida commander had commented on the uprising in Libya. Gaddafi has repeatedly blamed al Qaida for inciting the unrest against him.

“The Libyan people have suffered at the hands of Gaddafi for more than 40 years … He used the Libyans as a testing ground for his violent, rambling and disgusting thoughts,” Abu Yahya stated.

He warned that “Retreating will mean decades of harsher oppression and greater injustices than what you have endured.”


al-Qaeda has inspiring language, and no doubt will assist Libya’s rebels with everything it can muster — even if it isn’t all that much. We have an de-coalescing coalition and inspiring words about getting out of the lead and ending our efforts soon and generally doing as little as we can get away with.

Strong horse, meet weak horse.

I’m afraid US involvement, at least as directed by this President, will make things objectively worse in Libya.


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