"What will it affect when all is done?"

President Obama is coming home from Latin America a little early. Maybe he’s coming back to try and patch back together the Libyan War coalition. Maybe he’s coming home to try and do something about those wow-awful CBO numbers. Maybe he just got bored.


Who knows?

I haven’t been able to discern much from this White House since ObamaCare passed — a year ago today. The President demonstrates a strange combination of being involved in everything while doing as little as possible. Obama is that strangest of characters: A Type-B busybody.

We saw it first in how he handled the stimulus. Lots of talk, demanding action, followed by turning the whole thing over to then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. If the President’s fingerprints were anywhere near the American Spend Our Way to Riches Act, it would take a CSI team to find them.

Same story with ObamaCare. The President laid down his demands (not really; he just wanted to change lots of stuff after his re-election, in a law to be passed right the heck now) and then let Pelosi & Reid carry his water. The funny part about ObamaCare is, it isn’t ObamaCare. It’s the patchwork proposition Reid was able to cobble together in the Senate, then passed by the House as-was, to avoid a losing reconciliation fight. Obama would have put his pen to pretty much anything.


And where was Obama while Reid was wheeling and dealing? Judging by the timing, he was probably working on his 2010 NCAA bracket. But that’s just a guess, and a mean-spirited one at that. Still, I’d bet lunch money on it.

The election? “The difference is, this time you got me.” And campaign, he did — although largely in safe districts to avoid making bigger losers out of all those big losers. Mostly, Obama did what Obama does best, which was to raise lots and lots of money. Not that it did the Democrats much good.

We’re seeing it again in Libya. Gaddafi “must go,” followed by inaction. The Big Nothing was followed by a sudden flurry of action by Secretary Clinton and Samantha Power, resulting two days later in a tragically-broad UN resolution, a war without leaders, and coalition which never coalesced. And when the missiles started flying, Obama had already flown the coop to wage some of that smart diplomacy in Brazil.

Yes, in Brazil, where they’re drilling offshore for oil with US-backed loans. How his entire audience managed to keep straight faces while Obama delivered that line in his speech about the promise of “green jobs” I’ll never understand. The Brazlians were practically German in their self-control.


But let’s wish the President good luck in putting the coalition back together or plugging that extra $2,000,000,000,000 hole he left in the budget — not that we should expect it to do any good. The budget was a sad joke before the new hole was found, and our European allies already fully understand where the President stands on the Libyan War.

Message: I don’t care.

Message received, Mr. President. Loud and clear.


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