Gonna Be a New World

Verizon is suing the FCC over its unauthorized internet power-grab. Here’s Seton Motley:

In layman’s terms, Verizon claims in their suit that the FCC order alters wireless licenses (which it certainly appears to do). A clause in the 1996 Telecommunications Act stipulates that if the FCC alters someone’s wireless license and that someone sues, they are guaranteed an expedited hearing in – the D.C. Circuit.

The venue which, as we just mentioned, unanimously dismissed the last FCC attempt to power grab Internet and Net Neutrality-imposition authority.

As (we hope) President Bush learned after he signed McCain-Feingold into law, it’s dangerous to rely on the courts to undo the damage. But with internet-takeover trolls controlling the executive branch and the Senate, that’s exactly where we find ourselves with the FCC.