This Bright Familiar Sun

Whew. Back home, and not a moment too soon. If I’d have stayed in LA any longer, something bad was going to happen. Either I’d find I enjoy going to the office so much I’d overcome my Losangelophobia, or I’d let them work me to death. And I’m not sure I’m complaining when I say that.


To wit: The previous record for number of PJTV segments taped in a week was set by me, the week before Christmas, at ten. I’d set the previous record, nine, the week before that. This week I recorded an even dozen, eight just on Wednesday. So, yeah, I’m beat. Happy, but beat.

And do I ever have some PJTV linky love for you. First, Trifecta, as we swear out the 111th Congress. Then, on another episode, we look at what went on with that high school girl and her paring knife. And we covered Mayor Mike’s Big Fail, and what will happen to the 112th Congress.

Plus, Bill and Scott and I put in an appearance on the Tony Katz show, and Tony had me back on with actor/author Joseph C. Phillips to talk about the dangers of Darryl Issa’s oversight overreach, and why Obamacare might be here to stay.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s nap time.


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