The Happy Whiff of Desperation

Over at Never Never Land — er, at Mother Jones — Suzy Khimm is delighted that the GOP House will vote to repeal ObamaCare, since it “gives Democrats a second chance to sell health reform to the public.”


Because what we’ve lacked is pitches for this monstrosity.

Please, let’s keep talking about ObamaCare — and then maybe we’ll peel off enough scared Democrats to override a veto.

Just don’t expect Khimm to grasp the truth of the matter, because she also says that “even” if the House manages to vote it down. Even!

Every Republican will vote to repeal, or Get primaried out in 2012. So the absolute minimum number of votes for repeal will be 242. Let’s just see how many Democrats join in.

The magic number is 290.


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