What Else Have You Got?

It’s enough to make you feel sorry for Hillary Clinton:

The United States was catapulted into a worldwide diplomatic crisis today, with the leaking to the Guardian and other international media of more than 250,000 classified cables from its embassies, many sent as recently as February this year.

At the start of a series of daily extracts from the US embassy cables – many of which are designated “secret” – the Guardian can disclose that Arab leaders are privately urging an air strike on Iran and that US officials have been instructed to spy on the UN’s leadership.

No, wait — there’s not one single surprise here. So let’s dig deeper into The Guardian‘s report:

• Grave fears in Washington and London over the security of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons programme

• Alleged links between the Russian government and organised crime.

• Devastating criticism of the UK’s military operations in Afghanistan.

• Claims of inappropriate behaviour by a member of the British royal family.

Misbehaving royals? Corrupt Russians? The big question is: Why were any of these items deemed “Secret.” None of them even qualifies as “Somewhat Juicy.”

UPDATE: Sybill gave me a heads-up on Der Spiegel’s Wikileaks coverage, which, as she puts it, is “a bit more juicy.”