Still Not Getting It Dep't

Unemployment remains mired at nearly ten percent. Taxes are set to go up on everybody on January 1. And what’s the President working on? I mean, other than his golf game? This:


During the G-20 meeting last week, Obama told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev—with whom he co-signed the treaty in April—that getting New START ratified would be his top priority during the lame duck session.

Obama’s “top priority” right now is a treaty described as “benign” at best. Yes, we have lots of room to cut our nuclear arsenal (and even more room to modernize it), but right now, nobody cares.

The President was going to “pivot” back the economy in December — last December, 2009. Then he was going to “pivot” back the economy once he got Obamacare rammed through. Then he was going to “pivot” back the economy once the election was over. Now, his party and his policies received a stinging rebuke from the House down to the governor’s mansions and especially in the state assemblies — and he still won’t get his priorities in line with what the American people want and expect.

I think we’ve gone past tone-deafness and are well into recalcitrance.


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