She Kept Her Motor Clean

Following John Gruber’s instructions, I’ve moved Flash to where Safari and Firefox and Chrome can get to it. Chrome has it’s own built-in implementation, allowing me to use Flash when I absolutely must. But the rest of the time, I’m free of that ’90s-vintage, CPU-stealing, browser-crashing wreck of a kludge of malware.


Oh, and thanks to a nifty little Safari extension called YouTube5, YouTube clips are invisibly and automatically converted into HTML5 — no need to monkey about with Flash in Chrome or anywhere else. So far (and somewhat inconveniently), PJTV is the one place where I need to boot up Chrome. But it beats the Flash-y alternative.

The best part is, if enough people follow suit, webmasters will get the idea that users are sick of Flash, and speed up their adoption of HTML5 accordingly.

If I run into any major problems, I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, I suggest you click the link above and follow Gruber’s instructions.



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