Just Around the Corner

My adorable four-year-old boy left his door cracked open on Mommy’s car last night, requiring a jump start from Ye Olde Ugly Wrangler You Could Hit With an RPG and It Would Still Turn Over on a Cold Morning. There was just one problem: I hadn’t yet had a second cup of coffee.

Can you guess the result? That’s right: I automatically assumed that the red cover on the Jeep’s battery was the positive terminal. Turns out, both terminals have red covers (Hello? McFly? Hello?) but one of them sure looked black in the dimly-lit garage. This, of course, I discovered after the acrid smoke and the melting plastic and the dissolving cables had all cleared out or cooled off. And all of that was followed by a quick trip to the truck stop on the other side of the highway, where I purchased two new sets of jumper cables.

Because the next time I decide to blow some stuff up, I’m going to have a spare handy.

Anyway, I’m now working on the very last 2010 edition of Handicapping the House, and I’ll follow that up on Monday morning with my predictions for all 435 House races. Then we’ll hunker down together and wait for the other smoke to clear on Tuesday.