Taking Sides with Barney Frank

Oy. Reuters has gone and done it again. Check out the headline and first four grafs — the part people actually read — of Ros Krasny’s report on the campaign in Massachusetts’ Fourth Congressional District:


(Reuters) – Representative Barney Frank, the outspoken, witty Democrat closely tied to the 2008 U.S. bank bailout, faces a tough re-election battle after 15 terms in office at a time when incumbency itself is a liability.

Challenging the Massachusetts liberal is Republican Sean Bielat, an Iraq war veteran, and opinion polls suggest Frank has an uncomfortably narrow lead over a political unknown.

In the run-up to Tuesday’s congressional elections, Frank has faced a torrent of negative ads and mailings, much of it from groups outside the state who support candidates from the conservative Tea Party movement.

Last week, Frank borrowed $200,000 from his personal savings to prop up his campaign, saying he needed “to defend against outside attacks.”

See how that works? Frank is the outspoken and witty Wall Street reform architect, who faces a tough battle against a torrent of negative ads financed by outsiders. Sean Bielat is an Iraq War veteran supported by the conservative Tea Party movement.

Reuters, I just got finished telling CBS News you never go Full Monica. Pay attention.


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