Defining Demolished Down

She just looked at me and shook her head
“Your lines are pretty sad,” she said.
“You are a lonely, weak, pathetic man
If this is doing the best you can.”
-Lyle Lovett


Is President Obama playing the Lowered Expectations Game? Well — he’s certainly lowered everyone’s expectations for America and our economy, but that’s not what I mean. Read this:

President Obama implored supporters on Monday for donations to help Democrats in the 15 Senate seats he said were “up for grabs” on Nov. 2.

The president painted a picture of an expansive map of competitive Senate races in a fundraising e-mail for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC).

“I’m counting on the DSCC to win the 15 Senate seats still up for grabs over these last 15 days,” Obama wrote, asking for more than $900,000 in donations before Thursday to finance a get-out-the-vote “blitz” over the weekend.

There are really 11 seats in play, and the GOP should pick up six, seven, maybe eight of them. There’s a slender chance Republicans could win ten and take the Senate — but that chance is slender like a Size 0 runway model.


Is Obama trying to scare potential donors? I doubt it. Most folks who follow politics enough to write checks, follow politics enough to know the real numbers. But: Come November 3, after the GOP picks up those six or seven or eight seats, Obama can claim, “Hey, they didn’t even win half the races!” And the broader public might just buy that.

Or they might have, if the Republicans weren’t set to score some near-historic gains in the other chamber.


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