The More You Tighten Your Grip...

It’s hard to get solid news out of North Korea. About the only news we get is when the Ministry of This r That makes some threatening pronouncement of impending world conquership under the unyielding hand of Dear Leader — which is hardly solid news. But StrategyPage has this item, which you might find interesting:


Since June, at least two additional combat divisions have been camped outside the North Korean capital. No official explanation was given for this troop movement (which required using a lot of scarce fuel.) All is speculation in the north, because intel agencies in South Korea, the United States and China are reluctant to release any solid information, lest they risk exposing the few good sources they have up there. But the current rumors indicate that most of what’s going on up north these days is driven by efforts to keep the government going. This is difficult, because supreme leader Kim Jong Il is apparently dying, or at least believes he is. The big problem is that his chosen successor is his youngest son, an able enough young man in his 20s. That’s too young for a place like Korea, where people like their leaders elderly. Kim Jong Il is trying to convince his elderly associates to honor his choice of successor, and apparently not everyone is convinced.

And so… the People’s Democratic Republic descends further into unvarnished military dictatorship, as People’s Democratic Republics must.


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