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They Just Can't Help Themselves

Rand Paul: Pr0n King of Kentucky! At least to hear the AP tell it. Tech Crunch's Michael Arrington explains:

Kentucky senate candidate Rand Paul is being partially bankrolled by the porn industry, apparently. At least that’s the story that the AP’s Bruce Schreiner is pushing today. This is what appears to be the AP’s most recent hit job on Paul. Schreiner in particular has been accused of subtle bias (compare the headline to the text) in his Rand Paul reporting even before this story today.

What’s the evidence for today’s story? Zivity cofounders Cyan Banister and Scott Banister made personal donations to the Rand Paul campaign totalling $4,800. The Paul campaign has raised a total of over $3.5 million. Donors must state where they work, so they wrote down Zivity, says Cyan.

Despite the fact that the donations weren’t from Zivity, and that Zivity would barely fall under the definition of pornography, people are calling for Rand to return the money.

Earlier in the week, Fred Barnes wrote that the Democrats would be using silly personal attacks in local races to sort of denationalize the November election because "in the Democratic game plan, the economy and national issues are taboo." Barnes added that the Government-Media Complex would surely play along since they just "can’t help themselves."

Bruce Schreiner's desperate little AP story is a great example of just what Barnes was talking about. And as Arrington writes:

Schreiner himself seems to have little knowledge of Zivity either. By phone yesterday he asked me if I could tell him more about the site. He had not, apparently, ventured farther than the home page.

The reporter reporting on the reporter did more reporting than the reporter reporting on the politician running for public office.

Keep calling them on their BS. And while you're at it, keep canceling those subscriptions.