There's a Storm Coming

Following President Obama’s example, now our Congresscritters are failing to lead — or even to perform their most basic duties. This AP story is especially brutal:


After betting their political future on a government-mandated expansion of health care to include millions more Americans, Democrats appear to have little appetite for more legislative showdowns given voter rebellion against government spending amid trillion dollar-plus annual deficits.

The solution in some cases is to simply not vote. Immigration reform is too politically toxic. Key bills with massive price tags are getting shelved.

Congress’ core duty, exercising its power of the purse by passing a budget? Negative. A vote for it could be seen as a vote for deficit spending. There’s no sign of the 12 annual spending bills that typically come up in June.

If our incumbents really, finally understand why we’re angry, then why don’t they sit down and get to work on cutting the spending and repealing the laws we’re so upset about? Instead, they’re sticking they’re heads in the sand, ignoring their duties — and ignoring us, too.

Vote ’em all out. Every single one of these cowardly, useless and destructive SOBs.


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