Do They Want a Revolution?

Honestly, at this point I have to wonder if the Democrats are trying to incite a revolt. They’re actually talking openly about seizing millions of 401(k) accounts? For the promise of an IOU down the line? When the “lock box” fraud has already proven to be just that? When Social Security and government health care are already insolvent to the tune of $53 trillion-with-a-T? And ObamaCare adds how much more to the bill?


Look here. Washington spends money. That’s what it exists to do. It spends all the money it can appropriate. And then it spends some more. And when Washington can’t borrow money anymore, it will seize it, apparently. And when there’s no money left to steal, Washington will simply print more money, and spend that. Because Washington doesn’t save money. Washington doesn’t invest money. Washington certainly doesn’t make any money.

And if they get away with this multi-trillion-dollar theft, we’ll be beggars. People who didn’t borrow. People who spent less than they made. People who saved money, invested money, people who worked hard and wisely for a better future — these people will be made into beggars. People who did the exact right thing, will be reduced to wards of a state that can’t even feed itself.

Is that what these fools in Congress are aiming for? It’s getting hard to draw any other conclusion.


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