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The Irrational Rationalization

Peter Beinart might just have the world's worst-ever case of Obama Delusion. Read the lead from his latest Daily Beast column:

Yes, the Democrats are going to get throttled this fall. But Obama has had so much success that he can afford spending a little time playing defense.

Did you throw up a little? Read a little more:

It’s a strange moment in Washington. With the stimulus bill and health-care reform now law, and serious financial regulation gaining momentum, Democrats are witnessing the greatest run of policy success of my lifetime. The victories have been so large that I suspect some liberal wonks are actually having trouble adjusting.

The non-stimulating stimulus, which has left us no better off and a trillion dollars more in debt. A health-care package that drastically increases entitlements while doing nothing to contain costs -- except for "future" cuts to Medicare payments for seniors, which of course will never happen. A crony-capitalist financial reform bill which opens the Federal spigots for the big Wall Street players and effectively shuts the little guys out of competing.

And -- oh, yeah -- trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. Before the costs of putting ever-increasing chunks of population on Medicaid and paying off bankers and brokers to act ever-more recklessly.

That's success?

Peter Beinart, call your shrink. But pay his bill your own damn self.