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Some folks just can’t learn. The Hill explains:

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), continuing his combative stance on climate change of late, said Thursday that “fanatics, naysayers, and science deniers” will not prevent international action on climate change.

Kerry made the comment as part of his response to the news that United Nations climate chief Yvo de Boer will step down this summer.

“Yvo De Boer has provided years of global leadership and sound, science-based solutions to the international effort to halt the devastating impacts of global climate change,” Kerry said in a prepared statement.


Honestly, don’t worry about Kerry, Al Gore, or the other committed true-believers. Like the dinosaurs — those other victims of global cooling — they’ll go extinct soon enough.

The thing to keep your eye on, however, is whatever mad scheme the collectivists, socialists, communists, nanny-staters, worrywarts and cons come up with next. Although if it turns out to be even half as silly (and inept) as AGW, at least we’ll get some laughs.


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