A Drunkblogging Confessional

Thanks for the links to all the fun State of the Union drinking games, and I even found one you haven’t seen. Thanks, but… I won’t be playing.

I invented (or think I invented) drunkblogging six or seven years ago in protest against political drinking games. Here’s how it happened.

Way back when I still read Andrew Sullivan for something more than point-and-laugh material for VodkaPundit’s Week in Blogs, he was passing around an email he’d found with the original rules for drinking to the State of the Union.

I read them. I chuckled. I realized I’d been watching these damn things since 1980. And that the time for games was over. And that the only way I was going to get through another one, sanity intact, was to start drinking early and keep drinking often. It took a few tries for drunkblogging to evolve into its current, completely unrefined, form — but it works.

In other words, what little sanity I might ever have had, remains intact.

Anyway, I’ll be back here about 15 minutes before showtime tonight, already well into my second martini.


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