Now Is the Time for All Good Men...

I’d been keeping an eye on Scott Brown’s senate race in Massachusetts with something slightly greater than disinterest. And then I read this:

You see, most of that money Coakley raised got spent fighting for the nomination. William Jacobson’s all over this topic: while he and I both think that she’s got more money in the bank right now than Brown, it’s not the 5-to-1 advantage she’s hyping. At best, it’s 3-to-2. She’s also facing the problem that her public retreat on abortion language in the bill is going to depress enthusiasm in the progressive netroots; and that Republican activists at least have noted that flipping Massachusetts could – could! – possibly derail the health care rationing bill, and are contributing accordingly*. [emphasis added, and if you like I’ll add a little more]

And then I googled to find a certain link, and donated a hundred bucks to Brown.

Can you give that much? Can you spare just five bucks? Whatever you can give, it might come back to you in spades.