There He Goes Again

Prepping for PJTV’s “Hair of the Dog” each Sunday, I’ve come to appreciate Fox’s Mara Liasson as “the smartest liberal on TV.” She’s sharp, perceptive, and doesn’t often fall for the bait left by Bill Kristol. But, man, did she just miss one — which I’ll post here, because it won’t fit into tomorrow’s show.


Here she is (hastily transcribed by hand) on the President’s upcoming trip to Copenhagen:

I think that he is really putting a lot of political weight behind the outcome now. He was hedging his bets before, going at the early part. Now, he’s throwing his lot in and he’s showing how important this is to him. And, no, nothing big is going to come out of this.


Once again, Obama is going overseas, putting American prestige on the line, to obtain… what? Even Liasson admits that Obama isn’t going to get anything much, if anything at all. Just like the Apology Speech in Cairo. Or the Olympic Committee beg in Denmark a while back. Or his disastrous East Asia tour.

Let’s face it: We’ve been wrong for years. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result isn’t the definition of insanity. It’s the definition of stupidity.

With President Bush, the world hated us — but we managed to kill a whole lot of bad guys. And now I’m afraid the world disdains us. And that’ll end up killing a whole lot of Americans.


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