Getting it Right

Happy liberty anniversary, Eastern Europe. I don’t know what you call it over there in eastern Germany or Poland or Hungary or anywhere else, but here we keep referring to it as “the fall of the Wall.”


And that’s not right.

History is made up mostly of accidents. So we ought to take special care to remember the things that happened on purpose.

The Berlin Wall didn’t just fall down. It was torn down. It was torn down by the very people it was built to cage.

Tear Down This WallThey’re heroes for doing it, too.

Victory in the Cold War wasn’t an accident, some freak gravity surge that made a wall fall down when no one was looking. Victory came on purpose, because one man — Ronald Reagan — stood in front of that Wall and demanded, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Mikhail Gorbachev refused, of course. But the people of eastern Europe heard Reagan’s call, and they responded. Did I mention they’re heroes?

We forget that sometimes. We shouldn’t.


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