Must-See Radio

Saturday afternoons always mean a new edition of PJM Political, and Ed Driscoll has put together another fine show. This week:

Pajamas CEO Roger L. Simon interviews Fred Barnes on the future of traditional media, recorded in front of the retired Air Force One at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA.

Minnesota’s Gov. Tim Pawlenty and new media’s Andrew Breitbart address the crowds at Western CPAC in Long Beach, CA.

I talk with Eric Olsen, the founder of, on how new FTC regulations will impact bloggers. Recorded at the annual Blog World Expo convention this past weekend in Las Vegas. (Watch for video on Monday at PJTV!)

Glenn Reynolds of interviews St. Louis talk radio host Dana Loesch, and PJTV’s Bill Whittle on “Can Independents & Conservatives Save the Republican Party?”

Highlights from the first episode of a new series on, Medically Incorrect, hosted by Dr. Peter Weiss.


Can we squeeze all that into one hour of radio? Yes! We! Can!


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