Huffington Post: 2005-2011?

Nick Rizzuto forwarded this Parcbench item about HuffPo:

The evidence that can be gleaned is that Arianna and her gang of 100 acolytes that “staff” the Po have a burn rate of maybe $1M/month, giving the Po about a 24 month shelf life (from last December, giving them about a year to live … unless they get a new cash infusion).

The Po was funded, as a business, by a venture capitalist. Not an advocacy site like Center for American Progress. There is zero evidence that the Po is generating, or capable of ever generating anything like $12M a year. (Just a guess, but … where are the ads???)

Nor is there much evidence that the Po has anything like the political clout of populist bootstrap webspaces like the much less expensive, feisty, DailyKos or the really, really smart Personal Democracy Forum. The Po — except for the rare columns by Esther Dyson and a few others — not only is journalistically shoddy — parajournalism, really — but is consistently guilty of the most unforgivable crime on the Web.

It’s completely predictable and boring: Mad Magazine for Liberals.


It’s conjecture, but it’s conjecture with some pretty solid-looking numbers to back it up.

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