Must-See Radio

Once again, producer Ed Driscoll has pirated the PJM Political signal off the Sirius/XM satellite, and made it available on the web. On this week’s show:


PJTV guest interviewer, National’s Mark Hemingway surveys the surprisingly diverse crowd at the Washington, DC Tea Party.

From the Quincy, Illinois Tea Party, Glenn Reynolds of interviews Andrew Breitbart about his new site, Big, and its spectacular launch, built around the undercover ACORN videos that have rocked Washington and the legacy media.

Also from the Quincy, IL Tea Party, Glenn interviews St. Louis talk radio host Dana Loesch.

Back in the studio, it’s Five Questions For James Lileks, including one on President Obama’s commando attack in Somalia this week.

Glenn Reynolds interviews fellow Tennessean, Sen. Bob Corker.

Plus, I share a Tale of Two Presidents — and unload on both of them.


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