Wait for It...

This is not the ACORN I knew.”

OK, so the President hasn’t said that. I don’t think. But here’s the official White House statement, delivered by Robert Gibbs and blogged by ABC’s Jake Tapper:


“Obviously the conduct you see on those tapes is completely unacceptable,” Gibbs said, raising the issue of videotapes posted online by BigGovernment.com and aired frequently by Fox News Channel that seem to show ACORN employees advising a faux prostitute and faux pimp on how to skirt housing and tax laws. “The administration takes accountability extremely seriously.”

Gibbs said the Census Bureau decided that ACORN could not assist the group in meeting “the bureau’s goal of achieving a fair and accurate count in 2010” and that some other agencies are evaluating their relationship with the group. “We constantly evaluate to ensure that any grantee is living up to what has to happen in order to fulfill that grant application.”

He pointed out that “previous administrations” had awarded grants to ACORN either through the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.


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