Even the Choir is Getting Sick of this Preacher

Jonah Goldberg describes what’s wrong at the White House these days:

Funny how the people who run the most sophisticated communication operation in the history of the presidency keep concluding that their difficulties stem from their inability to get their message out and never from what their message actually is.

And so, rather than change the substance of the message, they’re grabbing an even bigger megaphone: an address to a joint session of Congress. Three out of the last four presidents gave just one address to a joint session of Congress, and all but one of them reserved such occasions for major international events, like a war or, in Ronald Reagan’s case, a breakthrough with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. Only Bill Clinton used such a venue for a domestic priority: health care reform.

That didn’t work out so well either.


But… but… but… The One… cannot… be… wrong!

Or to paraphrase James Carville, It’s the people, being stupid. We just need more education from our Change Agent so that we can see that the change we need is us. Er, him, actually.

But George Will noted on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, the President has become as “unescapable” as “elevator music.” But when the problem is “more,” the solution is always “more more.” Which is why Obama is determined to solve the problem of government interference in medical markets with more government interference in medical markets.

See also: Banking, autos, homeownership, etc. And the “more more” Obama has in mind is, inescapably, himself.

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