Oh, That Biased Media

John Hinderaker on the New York Times:

Mark Steyn mentions Barack Obama and Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong-Il in adjoining sentences: it’s news! A senior government official says America deserved to be attacked on September 11; the September 11 attacks were orchestrated by the federal government; he wants to destroy the free enterprise system; white environmentalists and polluters steer poisons into minority communities; Republicans oppose President Obama’s policies because they are “a******s;” Israel has been illicitly “occupying” Arab lands since 1948–I know, it’s only a partial list–it’s not news!


Unmentioned: Van Jones was too “controversial” to work in the White House, but not controversial enough for the NYT to mention the story until it was over. Is that setting the bar too low or too high? Or just getting rid of the bar altogether?


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