Kill It -- Kill It Dead

According to ABC’s The Note, the Democrats are ready to give up on bipartisanship:

With the health care bill languishing in the Senate and under fire in the House, Democratic leaders are quietly preparing for Plan B.

Under the scenario now being discussed, bi-partisan talks would be aborted and parliamentary maneuvers used to force the bill through with a party-line vote.

Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., still has time to try to work out a deal with his Republican counterpart Chuck Grassley, but fellow Democrats are growing restless.

“There’s rising disgruntlement with how Baucus has handled this,” a senior Democratic aide tells ABC News. “We have to look at other options.”


There was bipartisanship? I suppose if you redefine the word to mean, “stuffing a bill with enough pork to peel a few weak Republicans away from the herd.”


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