It's Over

Sarah Palin stepping down as Alaska governor.

I can describe this move in three words: Stupid, stupid, stupid. And the reason doesn’t matter.

She needs more time to run for President? What does she think holding the job is like, time-wise? President Obama could manage to serve as a totally undistinguished Senator while running for the White House; surely Palin could manage to govern half a million people a bit.

She wants to protect her family? Heat, low tolerance, kitchen, stay out of. And again, if she wants to be President, how does she think her family would fare in the White House?

There’s some kind of new scandal? Well, in that case her Oval Office ambitions were over, anyway.

Or, it could simply be a case of vicious personal attacks (the worst I’ve ever seen) driving a public figure back into private life. If that’s the case, then I hope everyone from Andrew Sullivan on down* pats themselves on the back hard enough to dislodge teeth.

No matter the reason, however, Palin made a commitment to the people of Alaska, and she’s turning her back on them. Maybe I’m rash in saying this, but I think that makes her unfit for higher office.

*CORRECTION: There is no one lower than Sully on this issue.

UPDATE: This is the kind of story that usually generates a steady dribble of leaky new information. So far, nada. Squat. Just more speculation, no better informed than my own.

But, I’ve got a very nice gin & tonic going, and won’t put away the laptop until something new comes up.

UPDATE: Mickey Kaus has ten angles to my four. Which is about right, since Kaus is at least 2.5 times the blogger I am.