The Buck Stopped Before I Even Got Here I Swear

Why did President Obama reverse himself on releasing torture photos? According to Andrew Sullivan, it’s all Bush’s fault:

Obama inherits this legacy. He has two options: pull the lid right off it, and fuel more anger and anti-Americanism; or hunker down, acquiesce to the military and become an active accomplice to the cover-up. He’s trying to straddle the divide but now realizes he cannot prosecute Bush’s wars with Bush’s military while exposing Bush’s war crimes. Hence the cover-up.


I’m sure the former President is also to blame for Obama’s reversal on gay civil unions, Obama’s reversal on ending Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, Obama’s reversal on enacting a “net spending cut,” Obama’s reversal on going “line by line” through the budget, Obama’s reversal on tax increases for 95% of Americans, Obama’s soon-to-be a reversal on closing Gitmo, Obama’s…

Oh, hell — you get the idea.

Besides, its pointless to parody Sullivan when he already does the job so well himself.


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