Going... Going... Not Yet

Amazon’s Kindle has been around only barely long enough for a couple of sequels, but

Mahaney estimates that the Kindle already accounts for “about 10% of total North American book units,” or or 4 million books sold during the first quarter out of a total of 38 million books, he tells me. Those 4 million Kindle books equated to an estimated $34 million in revenues during the quarter (which doesn’t include sales of the Kindle device itself) and added 2 to 3 percent to Amazon’s growth in media revenues for North America. Mahaney also thinks that the 35 percent sales figure suggests that Kindle owners are buying two books per month on the Kindle.


I got to fiddle with a new Kindle 2 last weekend, and it’s certainly an improvement over the original model. Also, the numbers above suggest there really is something to it. But I’m still not sold.

However — I’ll be quite anxious to check out the Kindle 3, whenever it arrives.


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