Just the Right Size

Cribbed shamelessly from Insty comes this fully-loaded story from Australia:

A D from Down UnderTHE bra market is expanding, literally. Up to 40 per cent of Australian women now buy bras with a cup size of DD or higher, new figures from lingerie suppliers show.

In the 1950s, the most common bra-cup size was a B – three sizes less than a DD.

Modern breasts are getting so large that some bra companies have introduced cup sizes as high as K, The Sunday Telegraph reports.

Experts blame the cleavage boost on obesity, contraceptive pills and artificial hormones.

But wait. It gets better:

Bra company Eveden Australia launched a K cup into the market last year. The company’s fitting specialist, Victoria Jubb, said obesity contributed significantly to the expanding chest sizes but the number of small-figured women with large breasts was on the increase.

That’s right. There’s a bra-fitting specialist named Victoria Jubb. In other news, a breakthrough in spandex/cotton blends from South African boxer-briefs specialist, Brick Woodcock.