Jimmy Carter Would Be So Proud

Jaw, jaw is better than war, war. But then there’s the United Nations:

The United States and its allies labored Sunday to devise a concerted response to North Korea’s launch of a long-range rocket, but quickly ran into divisions over how to confront the defiant regime.

The United Nations Security Council met in a hastily-called session to consider official condemnation of the launch, but ended the meeting with no immediate action beyond a promise to continue to seek a common response in the coming days.

We had the ability to shoot down that missile. We could even, with a subtle assist, have turned it over to Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force to knock the thing down. And since the missile launch proved that North Korea could put a nuclear warhead anywhere on Japan’s Home Islands, Tokyo had a vested interest in proving their mettle. But apparently, we told them no.

The White House claims that the missile launch was a failure. We have to take the President on his word on that one, and I will. But I also say: So what? Even a failed test teaches you things — like, how not to fail in the future. A shot down missile would have taught the North Koreans only one thing: We mean business.

Instead, President Obama has taught the Dear Leader an entirely different set of lessons.

1. We have the means but not the will.

2. We will restrain our allies but not you.

3. You can rely on Russia and China at the UN to thwart even our most feeble efforts to sanction you.

4. We’re big effing idiots.

Thank you, Mr. President. It’s been a most illuminating weekend for Pyongyang and those of us paying attention here at home.