Must-See PJTV/Who Let the Dogs Out?

Our second try at shooting a new pilot segment went much better than the first. So much so, that we’re even running the thing. As the last seven-plus years of blogging prove, I’m not a very fast learner — but got some great direction from Paul & Mark and the rest of the PJTV gang.

The directions mostly consisted of, “Faster! More energy!” By the last take of each shot, the camera lens was, Chris Matthews-like, covered with spittle. Anyway, it’s almost a sure thing that no other news show promises — and delivers! — “Arnold-on-Arnold action.” Or has strong enough journalistic principles to call Steve Kroft “dreamy.” Now that we know we can do six minutes, all we have to do is quadruple that and we’ll have a real show.

It’s called “Hair of the Dog,” and you can watch it, absolutely free.