Required Reading

David Harsanyi writes, “I am a twisted human being. Thankfully, I’m not alone.”

I’ll drink to that, brother.

More seriously, Harsanyi asks:


If we can’t look to our politicians to fulfill our yearly schadenfreude quota, who can we trust?

Which brings me to radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, who at a recent conservative conference had the temerity to reiterate his desire that President Barack Obama “fail” — not the economy or nation, mind you, but the politician. Pundits across the nation went into an apoplectic tizzy fit over such blasphemous and ugly thoughts.

Since when is rooting for the success of an ideologically driven elected official a civic duty, you may wonder? Wonder no more. It merely depends on the politician.

Dissent is patriotic. Except when it isn’t. That means you, bub. So shuddup already.


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