Eek! A Penis!

Now I know why President Bush wanted human cloning experiments outlawed. The first attempts, way back in the early ’60s, resulted in the creation of the Nixon-Carter-Mao.


A charismatic, greedy creature of malignant incompetence, the Nixon-Carter-Mao has seduced and disillusioned our young people, impoverished our educators, thrown away billions on the weakest companies in our economy, made our country look weak before its rivals and its enemies, reduced our savings to rubble, co-opted and made enemies lists of our mainstream press, been rolled repeatedly by his rivals, and alienated our financial engine.

Do not feed the Nixon-Carter-Mao. Do not approach the Nixon-Carter-Mao. And whatever you do, do not vote for the Nixon-Carter-Mao.

Again, I mean.

(Brilliant Photoshop job courtesy of Web Goddess Stacy Tabb.)

UPDATE: Related item here, also with Photoshopping.


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