Tom Clancy Drool-Fest

Here’s an iPhone app I bet Steve Jobs never dreamed of:

Apple computer now has two sniper rifle software applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch (which looks like the iPhone, but is just an iPod with a big screen and wi-fi capability). The BulletFlight software is available at the iPhone software store, and it performs the calculations needed to account for atmospheric conditions (wind, temperature, humidity, altitude and barometric pressure) for long range shooting. The output tells you how many clicks to adjust your scope to make the shot more accurately. Before use, you input basic data like rifle type and bullet weight.
Now a highly experienced sniper can do this in his head. There are similar dedicated devices that cost about $7,000. But BulletFlight is affordable, does the job and appeals to inexperienced snipers, hunters, recreational shooters and those who are just curious. The software costs $12.



(Sniper and rifle and ammo and spotter and unsuspecting enemy not included.)


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