There He Goes Already

Vice President Gaffe Biden is at it already:

When asked by Mr. Obama to administer the oath of office to White House senior staff, Mr. Biden, who is known for saying things he shouldn’t, asked, “Am I doing this again?”

Appearing in need of a cheat sheet off which he could read the oath, Mr. Biden then said, “My memory isn’t as good as Justice Roberts’.” [snip]

But the new president was not amused by Mr. Biden’s crack. As some in the audience drew in breath and gave low “oohs,” Mr. Obama stood silently next to Mr. Biden and appeared to just barely shake his head.


You get the feeling the President is going to be doing that a lot over the next four-to-eight years. So how exactly did one of the smoothest men in Washington end up paring himself up with one of the… uh… unsmootherist?

UPDATE: Here’s the video.

Biden really is the Blogger Who Drinks and Makes Fun of People Full Employment Act.


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