Coming Home

How to unwind after 18 months in Iraq:

The traditional approach has been lectures and counseling. But EUCOM (the U.S. European command) has also instituted Warrior Adventure Quest for the combat units stationed in Europe that return from combat tours in Iraq or Afghanistan. This program offers white water rafting, mountain biking or rock climbing as a way to ease the transition from combat stress to normal life at the base. Troops come back all amped up from months of combat, and need some way to shed the tension, besides a bar brawl, or reckless driving. While military training can be exciting, that’s not what the troops are looking for in the way of decompressing. But the non-military adventures seem to serve as a bridge between the combat stress, and less stressful life on the base.


As I understand it, the “drinking heavily approach” has also been tried. Although if they need any civilian volunteers to act as a control group in future studies…


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