Mystery Caller On Line Two

Transcript from Fox News:

BILL SAMMON: But it raises the question about whether somebody from the Obama team might have been on that, because as soon as the conference call ended, it was a two-hour conference call, and in that conference call, Blagojevich basically said — OK, well, if, you know, Valerie Jarrett, if, you know, I’m going to appoint Obama’s favorite person, Valerie Jarrett, to that Senate seat and Obama’s not going to pay me off for it, the heck with her, I’m not going to do it.

Of course, he used a little saltier language. But as soon as that conference call ended, within a matter of hours, Obama aides were leaking to reporters that Valerie Jarrett had taken herself out of the running for that seat.


SAMMON: So, either someone who was in on that call, or got briefed by a participant in the call, someone from the Obama camp, and the question is who.


Maybe I was too quick to dismiss the possibilities of what Obama knew and when.


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