The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Get ready for the coming Ice Age Global Warming Climate Change Ice Age, damnit:

In early September, I began noticing a string of news stories about scientists rejecting the orthodoxy on global warming. Actually, it was more like a string of guest columns and long letters to the editor since it is hard for skeptical scientists to get published in the cabal of climate journals now controlled by the Great Sanhedrin of the environmental movement.

Still, the number of climate change skeptics is growing rapidly. Because a funny thing is happening to global temperatures — they’re going down, not up.


Read the whole thing.

Anecdotally, our last hot summer in Colorado was in ’06. The past two summers were cool, wet, and this year the lawns stayed green until… well, many of them still are. That’s unheard of. Now I don’t know what’s happening these days on top of Mt Kilimanjaro, but I can tell you that Pike’s Peak still had traces of snow on it in August (almost unheard of), and has a nice little snowpack developing already this fall (not heard of since before the draught).

All in all, we’re hoping for a Halloween with more candy than frostbite.


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