Required Reading and Then Some

Michael freakin’ Totten. Every last word.

Look. Michael does what very few MSM journalists dare to do, and he does it on his own dime and without a guaranteed paycheck at the end of it. What he does is supported by you. It’s what journalism used to be, should be, and could be again.

So when you get to the end of Mike’s latest, click on one of his PayPal links. If you’re broke, click on his comments and tell him “Thank you.” If you’ve got some extra money, throw five or twenty or fifty bucks his way. Or — and this is the best option if you’re willing and able — you can now subscribe to Totten through PayPal. Make a small commitment, and PayPal will automatically bill you ten or twenty or however many dollars a month.

Ten bucks a month from you makes a big difference in what Mike can do and where he can go. I just subscribed, and got so excited about it that I’m begging you to subscribe, too.

And if you don’t or can’t? Then you still owe it to yourself to read his stuff. As in, right the hell now.