Top 100 Random Songs of All Time: #59-63

Hey you!

I know you!

Back in the glory days of yonder, when I blogged at my own site and when gasoline cost pennies for a barrel and you could walk to school downhill both ways, I started a series of periodic posts on music.

The specific topic?

The top 100 random songs of all time, each one carefully chosen with extra-special care and especially-careful extraness by the Smart Playlist function of iTunes. I spent seconds – seconds I tell you! – making this a reality.

What I found most shocking was that Google actually sent a fair number of people my way, people who actually searched for “top random songs.” Apparently my creative genius knows some bounds. Oh well, I’ll get over it (which, not being terribly tall, requires that I struggle a bit, kick me legs like a wee mad fishy, and then throw myself over whatever obstacle comes my way).

Anyway, long story Gary Coleman (I’ve used that one before on my own site, apologies), I feel the need to complete the series, taking you all the way to the number one random song in the land.

What, pray tell, might it be? I’ve nary a clue good people. I’m as much at the mercy of Senor Steve Jobs on this matter as anyone else.

So, here we go, picking up where I left off, with numbers 59 to 63 in the top 100 random songs of all time.

Don’t like my taste in music? Somehow, I think – with just a wee hint of desperate hopefulness – that I will survive.

#59: “Thinkin’ Bout ‘Chu” – Bambi Slam

#60: “Kisskiss” – Parov Stelar

#61: “I See the Light” – Cracker

#62: “Better Place to Be” – Harry Chapin

#63: “Madeline’s Theme” – Giorgio Moroder

The rest of the list is below the fold. Rock on, superstar cowboy (and cowgirls).

#64: “Spiderman” – Moxy Fruvous
#65: “Botch-a-me” – Rosemary Clooney
#66: “Madonna of the Wasps” – Robyn Hitchcock n’ the Egyptians
#67: “Delicious” – Semisonic
#68: “She’s My Ex” – ALL
#69: “You Can Make It If You Try” – Sly & The Family Stone
#70: “Spend It On Love (Acoustic)” – The Rainmakers
#71: “Sweet Marie” – Hothouse Flowers
#72: “Bringing Me Down” – Monte Montgomery
#73: “Kuutamolilja” – Samuli Edelmann
#74: “Guard It Closely” – The Jealous Sound
#75: “Hunkadola (Take 1)” – Benny Goodman
#76: “Carrion” – British Sea Power
#77: “Scum” – Dada
#78: “Turn Off Your Stereo” – Sand Rubies
#79: “Welcome to the Boomtown” – David & David
#80: “Dandelion” – Matthew Sweet
#81: “Stargazer” – Mother Love Bone
#82: “Omission” – John Frusciante
#83: “Danny Boy” – The Grimethorpe Colliery Band
#84: “I Go Crazy” – Flesh for Lulu
#85: “Out of the Red” – Goo Goo Dolls
#86: “Hollow” – Hem
#87: “Pressing Lips” – The Pursuit of Happiness
#88: “Metro” – Berlin
#89: “Don’t Worry” – Brennan Hester
#90: “Hit the City” – Mark Lanegan Band
#91: “Swan Swan H” – REM
#92: “To Cure a Weakling Child” – Aphex Twin
#93: “1st and Repair” – Monte Montgomery
#94: “Vanishing Girl” – XTC (aka Dukes of Stratosphear)
#95: “A Lifetime” – Better Than Ezra
#96: “1979” – The Smashing Pumpkins
#97: “Cartoon” – Soul Asylum
#98: “Fell in Love” – Moxy Fruvous
#99: “Ship Out On The Sea” – The Be Good Tanyas
#100: “Money” – Space