Reporting In

When we got back from vacation, the boy had picked up a nasty little summer head cold. Within a few days, it had turned into an ear infection. Generous boy, he shared the bug with Melissa. And within a few days her nasty little summer head cold had morphed into a vicious sinus infection. Me, I stayed healthy. Good thing, too, because the dog sucks at measuring out doses of Dayquil, and the cat just bats the cap around the floor.

Wednesday it was my turn. At exactly 5:11 PM. I mean, this bug hits fast and hard. At 5:10 I felt fine. One minute later it felt like mucous elves were attacking the inside of my skull with tiny little ball-peen hammers. Imagine sticking your finger so far up your nose you were poking your eye. Really hard. It’s like that, only the finger is coming down from the inside of your forehead into the top of your eyeball. And the jabbing doesn’t let up.

There is not enough aspirin in the world to help with that.

Anyway, made it through the weekend in one piece, had a lovely Father’s Day, and now I’m going to play catch-up with the news. Back in a flash.