Spot the Loony

Actually, Jules Crittenden is playing pin-spotting with Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to decide whether or not to drunkblog tonight’s debate. Our local ABC affiliate isn’t broadcasting it until 7pm, and I’m not sure if that’s live or tape delay. Seems silly to liveblog something on tape, doesn’t it? And I’d hate to sillify the serious business of e-shouting at a pretend debate.


UPDATE: So Jules emailed (and posted) with:

Personally, I find it less revolting when pols pander to the lumpenproletariat with shots and beer. In fact, that might be a good way to resolve this ongoing Democratic primary thing. Have them debate each other drunk.

If they decide to do that, by the way, my money’s on Hillary. It’s not just that I think she’ll hold her liquor better. It’s an eye-gouging thing.

Come on, Vodkapundit. If we can’t have a drunk debate, let’s at least have it drunkblogged.

Oh, fine! See you at 7pm Mountain, live via tape delay.


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