Welcome Back

Yet another left-leaning European government has given way to the center-right:

Billionaire media mogul Silvio Berlusconi won a majority in both houses of the Italian parliament and will return to power for a third term as premier.

Berlusconi’s People of Liberty party and its allies took 166 seats in the Senate, the upper house, to 138 for Walter Veltroni’s Democratic Party and its partner, according to a projection by RAI state television. In the Chamber of Deputies, Berlusconi took 45.9 percent of the vote compared with Veltroni’s 38.9 percent, RAI estimated. That would give Berlusconi around 340 lower-house seats out of 630.

“Berlusconi is back,” said Maurizio Pessato, chief executive officer of polling company SWG Srl in Trieste, Italy. “With this result, he can last.”


Knowing Italian politics, I’m assuming that last line was meant ironically. In Italian, “lasting government” means “maybe through the summer.”


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