Pardon the Language/I'm Really Starting to Hate Her, Too

Arianna Huffington says, “Petraeus’ Call for a Pause is Really Just “Stay the Course 2.0” And that’s just the headline. From there, she gets worse:


Have you heard the news? “The Surge” is about to end. The next phase of our 100 Year War is “The Pause.” Surge, Pause… Surge, Pause… We can’t pull out! It’s all starting to sound a bit sexual, isn’t it? But the American people are the ones getting screwed.

“Stay the course,” of course, was just three years of President Bush dicking around, accomplishing nothing at a great cost in treasure and too many live. What we’ve seen the last few months is actual progress. But no matter to Arianna, for whom surrender is always the first, last and only option.

Worse, Huffington repeats the “100 years of war” slander against John McCain, who, at last count, wasn’t Petraeus to begin with.

But if anything here sounds at all vaguely sexual, it’s the continuous noise of Huffington being fucked in the head.

Yeah, I know I’ve dropped a lot of f-bombs here lately. Sorry, but the surrender monkeys drive me to it.


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