It Can't Happen Here

More violent repression in China:

Ten people were wounded when Chinese paramilitary police opened fire on a crowd of Tibetans protesting against limits on a prayer ceremony and demanding the return of the Dalai Lama, witnesses said.

The violence was in a remote town in western Sichuan province on Saturday, where monks at the Lingque temple had been joined by several hundred pilgrims for an annual ceremony, the Torgya, which is meant to exorcise evil elements from society.


Imagine that.

Now imagine this. Our fascist President Bush announces restrictions on how and when Unitarians may worship. And when the inevitable protests occur — peaceful, tie-dyed protests — FBI shock troops open fire on the crowd.

Now imagine the global response to that.

Historically, China has gotten away with pretty much whatever they wanted in Tibet. And they probably still will. But with the Olympics being held in Beijing this summer, at least people are paying some attention to what’s going on over there.

There’s a chance I was wrong in opposing letting China host the Olympics.


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