Wright Place, Wrong Time

Here’s the latest on Barack Obama’s radical priest:

…more than a year ago, Obama disinvited Wright from speaking at his candidacy announcement. Wright told The New York Times then that Obama told him, “You can get kind of rough in the sermons. … It’s best for you not to be out there in public.”


Maybe I’m reading too much into that statement, but it seems like Obama was perfectly aware of Wright’s “God damn America” sentiments, if not that particular sermon. If so, shouldn’t Obama have done more than just shove Wright into the closet?

The story continues:

Church member and University of Chicago theology professor Dwight Hopkins says Wright’s message has been taken out of context.

In what context should “God damn America” be taken, exactly?

“The whole point to Dr. Wright’s sermons is to how do you make America a better America. If anything he’s a true patriot,” Hopkins said.

Ah, yes — in the context of the highest form of patriotism!


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